The Haunted Kingdom
Population: 60% elven, 30% human, and 10% other races.

Aldina is a northerly region, surrounded by lush forests and wooded mountains. A lonely place of silent plains and abandoned reaches, Aldina is nonetheless one of the most fertile and habitable areas of the Empty World. The main cities in Aldina are Elworroth and Quaill-Wor.

While the plains to the south and east are capabale of sustaining farmland, most of the populace gathers along the coast. The forests surrounding Aldina are infested with monsters, and the plains are notorious for being home to ghosts and shambling undead, who wander aimlessly in the ruins of their former lives. Folk in the villages and even the city of Elworroth have occasionally been driven mad by the keening of undead spirits. Travelers generally do not venture far inland, though some go seeking treasure and fame.

The city of Elworroth has limited sea trade with Neysiris and occasionally Orach and Dynpere.


The Ghost-Singers
Reclaimers of Sull


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