The Marsh Kingdom
Population: 95% Lizardfolk, 5% other

Cay is a large, marshy island off the coast of Cheold, and the home of the Lizardfolk. Generally devoid of landmarks or distinguishing features accessible to humans, Cay is a trackless swamp hostile to most life, including the Lizardfolk themselves.

There are no cities in Cay, just a series of marsh settlements built on stilts, with rope bridges and swing lines connecting them. Because Lizardfolk tend to breed rapidly, many settlements have grown into one another, making the outer rim of the island one massive habitation connected by endless bridges.

The interior of Cay is largely unexplored, although there are rumors of a great and ancient city in the center of the island which holds treasures of the bygone world. Because so many fierce monsters inhabit the swamps, however, even the Lizardfolk are generally loath to venture far inward.

Cay does limited trade with Dynpere.


Keepers of the Verse
Tooth and Claw


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