The Empire of Silence
Population: 80% orc, 10% human, 10% other

Ixwore is a dry, open country of rocky desert. The disruption of Linergy leeched the life from the land, and very little grows. The main city, Chetheron, lies on the coast, and the populace is largely reliant on the sea for food. However, alien fig trees and strange creatures dwell in the center of the desert, and many small villages and strongholds find sustenance there.

The strange energies in the deserts of Ixwore have created massive crystal formations and alien architecture that few dare approach, much less identify. The wealth of Ixwore lays in these crystal formations, as well as the generous mineral deposits littered throughout the desert. The kingdom of Timvere has begun to build strongholds on the borders of Ixore, hoping to exploit these resources.


Garver’s Picks
Speakers of the Stones
The Mute


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