The Goodland
Population: 70% human, 20% orc, 10% other

The most fertile and habitable region of the Empty Earth, Timvere is a country of green plains, wild forests, and farmland, surrounded by scrubland and desert. While Timvere is friendly to most folk, it is not harmless: wild fey inhabit the woods, ruined cities still dot the landscape, and the outer reaches of the region are often preyed upon by warlords and scavengers.

Timvere is the richest of the regions, with plenty of food, water, natural resources, and learned people. This has made them the envy of the Empty Earth, which has proven to be something of a mixed blessing. While they maintain trade with Aldina and Cheold and Unduq, other regions like Ixwore and Rynash have begun to look toward Timvere with hunger and envy.

The main settlement is the melancholy city of Neysiris, a center of trade and learning for all the Empty Earth. To the south, farming villages and small townships populate the plains, most of which are beholden only to themselves, with their own rule of law and autonomy.


The Arcane Academy
The Preservers League
The Pillars


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