The Vaults of Eternity
Population: 90% dwarven, 5% orc, 5% other

Unduq is the vast underground kingdom of the Dwarves. By far the largest settlement of dwarves in all the Empty Earth, Unduq is a vast underground kingdom of interconnected city-states, comprising thousands of miles of underground tunnels and chambers. The greatest cities of Unduq are vast vaults of stone, with architecture and works of art unmatched anywhere.

The dwarves of Unduq tend to be isolationist, preferring to keep most of their dealings with the outside world financial. They do trade with the regions of Ixwore and Timvere, but only grudgingly. Unduq exports gold, minerals, and artwork, and imports mostly food and what goods they cannot conveniently make themselves.

The largest settlement, and the only dwarven city-state accessible to outsiders, is Ald. The other dwarven settlements are restricted to dwarves only.


Elders of Stone
Disciples of Angroth


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