The Kingdom of Rats
Population: 60% thryx, 30% human, 10% Lizardfolk

Rynash, like Ixwore, is an open region of rocky desert, but where Ixwore’s empty wastes hold strange crystal formations and lost cities, Rynash teems with strange life. Rynash is home to the thryx, an adaptable race of ratfolk that has enslaved the humans of the region. The thryx dwell mostly in the hive-city of Kelm, while those humans who are not house slaves live in shanty towns and filthy villages next to the open desert.

Outside the settled areas, Rynash is home to other, non-sentient insectoid races, desert tribes of Lizardfolk and more. Rynash is rich in minerals and ancient artifacts from the lost cities within its depths. The deserts are also inhabited by the strange, godlike Devas, beings of energy that often manifest as storms or columns of light. While the thryx largely ignore the devas, the humans and lizardfolk have come to worship them as gods and try to communicate with them.


The Free Folk
The Skywold


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